Bahja Rodriguez

Charisma is defined in Webster’s dictionary as a special magnetic charm or appeal. Two minutes in a room with burgeoning artist, Bahja Rodriguez, it is evident that she possesses the charisma needed to charm the guys, and inspire the girls.

The rising Atlanta songbird’s sound is a resurrection of the soul music that shaped her childhood dreams of stardom. From an early age, Bahja has always enjoyed singing and had a passion for music. She knew that music was her life calling.

Bahja’s professional music career began at the tender age of 12 years old known as “Miss Beauty” in the top selling girl group OMG Girlz. The group is most known for their hit songs “Gucci This/Gucci That”, “Where The Boys At”, “Baddie” and “Boy It’s Over”. Bahja experienced the ups and downs of the music industry first hand. In March 2015 the group disbanded.

Not letting the group’s abrupt ending stop her from pursing her dreams, Bahja is more motivated than ever to prove that she can make it on her own as a solo artist. Known for her immense talent as a seasoned singer and songwriter, Bahja is on her way making her childhood dream reality!

Sweet melodies, soft backgrounds and powerful leads combined with a unique and soulful voice best describes this gifted young artist. The 21 year old songstress launched her solo career in April 2015 by releasing the critically acclaimed single “Jealous Type”, gaining over one million Soundcloud streams. She went on to release two more buzzing songs titled “Lipstick” and “Next One”, solidifying her position as a rising artist to watch.

In November 2015, Bahja released her debut EP “It Gets Better”, which was well received by fans and industry insiders alike. The project immediately made its way on the iTunes R&B/Soul Chart peaking at #6. It also debuted at #10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums Chart. One year later, in November 2016, Bahja released her highly anticipated sophomore EP “Luv”, appearing at #29 on the iTunes R&B/Soul Chart peaking at #8.

Signed to indie powerhouse Street Sxholar, Bahja is currently working on her debut album and most recently dropped her long-awaited single “Necessary”. The perfect look, the perfect sound, the perfect team, equals a lethal combination creating the perfect storm for Bahja Rodriguez to become the next breakthrough singer in music!

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Necessary – CD Cover
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